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Green IT: a Data Centre that respects your environment

Minimising the consumption of energy is a constant challenge for any Data Centre. That’s why, at the Wallonie Data Center, the Green IT approach is part of our DNA. Here’s why and how.

What is a green Data Centre?

Using its simplest definition, a green Data Centre is a facility that minimises its impact on the environment and the planet by optimising the use of energy and water, as well as minimising the production of CO2.

Which green approach for the WDC?

The Green IT approach takes the form of an investment plan focused on energy efficiency and renewable energy.

But that’s enough fine words… let’s talk turkey! These initiatives position the WDC as a genuine benchmark for Green IT:

  • The Wallonie Data Center is equipped with 1,880 photovoltaic panels
  • We practise eco-grazing thanks to the flock of sheep that provide natural maintenance for our green spaces
  • The WDC uses an electric utility vehicle. This vehicle is topped up at the recharging terminals that are also made available to visitors.
  • Beekeeping at the datacentre: a first beehive installed at the WDC in 2023 alongside honey-producing plants, with a qualified beekeeper within the company and the local production of honey (called Wall’Honey Datacenter).

We are also always studying other projects to develop alternative sources of energy, because the way we see it, this approach is a constantly evolving industrial project that keeps our teams busy on a daily basis.

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Why place your trust in the WDC?

The benefits of the WDC’s Green approach
  • 1,880 photovoltaic panels

  • 100% green power supply

  • Electric vehicle recharging points

  • Sustainable investments

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