Technical equipment monitored 24/7

You need the security of your servers and data to be the best available and to operate flawlessly. That’s why we do everything we can to guarantee maximum security for your equipment, using cutting-edge mechanisms and devices that are totally redundant and tested regularly.

Control and management of the environment

Optimum temperature and humidity levels: these parameters are monitored round the clock. Alarms are generated if any thresholds are exceeded. Thanks to a dedicated application in your WCS client space, you can monitor the temperature and humidity percentage of your racks in real-time. You can also access their monthly electricity consumption.

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There’s a stable and uninterrupted power supply thanks to double medium-voltage input. All of the IT and Telecoms rooms are equipped with a double power supply, backed by double-redundant UPS modules (2N). Various backup generators pick up the slack if there is an outage on the network.

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Uninterrupted cooling is provided by redundant refrigerating machines, double cold-water distribution loops, circulators and redundant air-conditioning cabinets in each room.

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Detecting and extinguishing fires

The whole Wallonie Data Center is fitted with multi-criteria fire detectors equipped with 4 sensors. The fire detection room is linked to an automatic extinguishing system, based on ‘drowning by nitrogen’ technology. Excellent news for you, because it doesn’t harm the environment.

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Detecting water leaks

Our rooms are equipped with a latest-generation water leak detection system capable of informing us in real-time and accurately locating the incident so that action can be taken immediately.

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Why place your trust in the WDC?

The benefits of the WDC’s equipment.

  • Temperature and humidity monitoring

  • Electricity backed up by modular, double-redundant UPS systems

  • Double cold water distribution circuit

  • Multi-criteria fire detectors

  • Water leak detection

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