Housing WDC

Treat your data and applications to sovereign hosting “Made in Belgium”

The Wallonie Data Center benefits from a floor area of 1300 m² that is totally dedicated to hosting servers. There are 2 types of package available for Housing: your space can either be shared or 100% private.

Customised hosting

Our packages can be adapted to your current hosting needs, but always remain flexible if your needs change.

Block Housing by WDCRack by WDC

A customised area created with you and for you:

Turnkey solutions for your business feature:

  • A fenced-off secure area
  • Lease of 19’’ pre-equipped racks: 46U (full rack) or 22U (1/2 rack) or 13U (1/3 rack) or 11U 1/4 rack
  • Access by badge
  • UTP cabling
  • Private space to house your own racks
  • 16A, 10 A or 6 A power supply, depending on the size of the rack
  • Personalised design
  • Rack opened by key or code
  • Customised cabling and power supply
  • Fibre on request up to ½ rack
  • Power: from 2 Kw per rack to 11 Kw per rack in high density

Various packages are available, depending on the hosting space required:

I would like a price proposal

Why choose the WDC?

The benefits for you? Our 100% personalised price quote.

  • Flexible and scalable solutions

  • A team of experts ready to advise you

  • Highly secure spaces

  • Customised housing and rack price quotes

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