Access security

Securite WDC

Grade-4 security access to the WDC: the highest civilian level

The Wallonie Data Center may be ideally situated in the heart of Wallonia, yet there’s no way of gaining access to it without having a (very) good reason. This is why we have installed a series of procedures and devices that ensure maximum security for accessing the WDC:

  • exterior perimeter fenced and secured. Anti-‘ram-raid car’ system.
  • laser anti-intrusion system
  • high-resolution surveillance cameras
  • triple-factor visitor identification
  • armoured single-person airlock at reception to guarantee only one person at a time can enter
  • access control system by badge reader (access to rooms and access history)
  • anti-intrusion alarms.

The WDC operates in total transparency with you. Come and visit our facilities to see for yourself why we are the best protection for your infrastructure and data in Belgium.

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The benefits of access security at the WDC

  • Fencing and anti ‘ram-raid vehicle’ system

  • Laser intrusion detector & surveillance cameras

  • Three-stage visitor identification

  • Badge-reader with access history

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