If there’s a disaster, what exactly is your plan?

In the age of the Cloud and hybrid working, your organisation needs to stay productive and competitive under all circumstances (strikes, incidents, lines of communication down). The solution to this problem is called a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and one of the rooms at the WDC is totally dedicated to DRPs.

Disaster Recovery Plans

To ensure the continuity of your operations, our ‘Disaster Recovery’ room can provide operational workstations connected to the Internet in a minimum of time, giving you permanent access to your infrastructure hosted at the WDC. Institutions, companies, hospitals: your operations can continue without a hiccup.

Features of the DRP by WDC:

  • Secure power supply
  • Structured UTP cabling
  • Access to the Internet
  • Telephones (on request)
  • 4 meeting rooms

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Why choose the WDC?

The advantages of a DRP space available to you:
  • Continuity of your business in the event of an incident

  • Proximity to your data

  • Telephony on request

  • 4 rooms capable of accommodating 40 people.

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