Technical equipment

Using our equipment, we do everything possible to guarantee maximum security for your servers. Various devices are used, which are regularly tested:

Control systems and environment management

We guarantee optimum temperature and humidity levels.  These parameters are monitored constantly and set off alarms if any of the thresholds are exceeded. 
A dedicated app enables you to track the temperature and humidity levels of your racks in real-time – plus you have access to their monthly electricity consumption.

Electricity power supply

We guarantee continuous cooling, by means of 3 refrigerators, 3 cooling towers and redundant air-conditioning units in each room. 

Every measure is taken to guarantee a stable and uninterrupted supply of electrical power:

  • the building has a dual-entry medium-voltage power supply, 
  • all of the IT and Telecoms rooms have a dual power supply, backed up by double-redundant modular UPS (2N) systems,
  • several backup generators take over in the event of a mains power failure.


We guarantee uninterrupted cooling thanks to our redundant cooling machinery, double cold water distribution circuits, circulators and redundant climate control cabinets in each room.

Fire detection and suppression

The entire Data Center is equipped with multi-criteria/multi-level fire detectors fitted with 4 sensors.

The fire detection system is connected to an automatic fire suppression system, based on ‘nitrogen drowning’ technology, which is also environment-neutral.

Water leak detection

Our rooms are equipped with a state-of-the-art water leak detection system. This enables us to know, in real-time, exactly where any incident is located so that action can be taken immediately.

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